Industrial Intervention – Crystal Glass

The project Industrial Intervention started off with a trip to the old glassworks in the Czech countryside. The new pieces explore the collision between mass-produced and handmade articles, where crafts meet industry, the machine meets the hand. Can something new be created when traditional handicraft is incorporated into existing industrial manufacturing processes?

Folkform invited Maxim Velčovsky, one of the Czech Republic’s foremost contemporary designers who works conceptually with glass and porcelain, to participate in the Industrial Intervention exhibition. Together with Velčovský, Folkform carried out a series of material experiments in glass and porcelain in various workshops to investigate traditional Czech handicraft techniques. The completed, newly made works are on display at Färgfabriken and the Boda Glass Factory and later on at Krehky Gallery in Prague.

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Industrial Intervention – Crystal Glass

Hand and machinecut crystal vase
Dimensions varies

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